0-60 Times – All we need to know

0-60 times have been, for a long time, the benchmark in knowing the performance of a vehicle. You do not need to know how much it costs or what its max speed is because who reaches that on the road? No, you want to know how fast you can go from 0-60. 0 to 60 times have, in recent years, been getting closer and closer to no time at all, the 2015 BMW range has a few that can do it in under 3 seconds, along with the Mercedes and Audi fleet. What we are trying to say is that, this is the place to be if you would like to know more about what your car can really do. You might be pleasantly surprised!

The zero to 60 of your car is often not what your manufacturer has specified, these tests are ran once and the vehicles not pushed as hard as they can be. This leaves you with having to assume 1 or 2 seconds of your zero to sixty time is wrong, and you have to search further for the times of your favourite cars. Here, we have gone to trouble to find out the times, and even what the cars can do in a quarter mile.

0-60 and quarter mile times – Why?

Quarter mile times are also available from the site, with the quarter mile time being a benchmark for power in a vehicle. If a car can run under 12 seconds then you have a powerful car you can be proud of, but if you want to find out what that guy down the roads car can do, then those statistics are also available right here.

0-60 times0-60 times have lots of difference between them and it is also hard to tell if all the tests have been done fairly, for example one car could be tested by one test centre and then be sent to another test centre on a windy day with a full tank of fuel. All these things contribute towards the overall result. Other things to consider when looking at the different results in different places are that if the time is faster, then it is a better time and will be kept because they cannot lie the car has to have done that time. However, if a time is worse than a previously tested time then there could be something done differently to negatively affect the performance of the vehicle; these things could be anything like fuel on board, tire wear, weather conditions, number of passengers and anything right down to how good the driver was at driving. Somebody who shifts take 5-10 seconds is going to get a much slower 0-60 than say a professional driver changing gear in a second, for example.

0 to 60 times are the new top speed, they are what matter to people. They are important to enthusiasts and drivers alike, if you need to know the 0-60 of your car or any other car for that matter then you have come to the right place.

Examples of cars doing a 0-60 mph test run